Hi! I'm Bogdan Carpean. Welcome to my website.
First, let me introduce myself. I'm a full stack cloud applications developer, software solutions architect, with more than 20 years of experience, based in Montréal, Canada. I love technology in all aspects and I try to keep the pace with it's development. I'm passionate about design in general, and particularly web page design and UX. I speak english and french at professional level, romanian is my native language, besides I speak german and italian and soon hopping to add spanish to the list.
Jan 2018 -> Present - Software Development Consulting for TD Bank, Desjardins, CIBC, Bell, CGI

Architect and development of financial and automation applications for clients like TD Bank, Desjardins, CIBC, Bell, CGI

Jan 2016 -> Jan 2018 - Asset Science LLC - Software Developer

Asset Science is an agile development environment, focused on test driven development and behavior driven development, guided by the best practices and design patterns oriented architecture. As part of the cloud team, we implement solutions for data gathering, aggregation, storage, mining and reporting for company clients.

The infrastructure where we deploy our production solutions is Amazon Web Services and we use an automated deployment pipeline (Maven, Gradle, Bamboo, Pupett)

Our back-end stack has two different architectures: a legacy monolith application built on Grails/Groovy and all the newer projects that are built as rest microservices with Grails/Groovy.

The most part of our front-end applications are built on top of AngularJS with html, css and js. We strive to use the latest technology as soon as we find the technology suited for production.

To avoid as much as possible the introduction of bugs in production, we try to have an extended code test coverage and thorough code reviews before shipping the product.

Jul 2014 -> Jan 2016 - Refplus Inc. - Software Developer

Being a manufacturing environment, Refplus was a great challenge for a developer, given the different needs of maintaining and implementing new software for different departments and the short list of assets on the programming team.

For my period on the company, I worked on three main projects. First was a greenfield project where we had to implement a new software for the sales department, a combination between a classic CRM software, tailored for the special needs of creating the submissions for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. The technical stack was C# microservices on a SQL Server database, with the client facing app built on HTML and JS single page application with ajax as the transport layer. The second project I maintained and implemented in was the software for the HVAC controller for the industrial units. The stack here was C and a proprietary implementation of C made by the controller supplier Carel, along with a HTML-JS page on controller for remote communication. The third project was maintaining the legacy ERP solution written on C#, backed by SQL Server and adding new modules ontop of it, as demanded by different stack holders.

Apr 2014 -> Jul 2014 - Autoland Inc. - Software Developer

At Autoland I was part of the agile software team in charge of maintaining and implementing new solutions for different vertical projects company had. The main legacy system was based on SAP with SQL Server as db and the solutions I implemented were built with Asp.net C#, html, jquery, bootstrap, deployed on premise servers.

2005 -> 2012 - Porsche Bank Romania - Developer

The long period spent at Porsche Bank helped me add new skills to my portfolio and a strong knowledge of banking and financial field.

The large suite of software projects needed on a bank opened the possibility for me to work with existing legacy software that was mission critical and should be actively maintained as long as new projects where I worked with teams from different departments, those projects allowing me to develop different analytical skills related to business and management side.

If you find this page interesting and want to get in touch with me, send me an email to contact@bogdancarpean.com

This page is still a work in progress and is built on plain HTML, CSS, Javascript